KC Classic Gourmet Foods

KC Classic Gourmet Foods is a specialty food maker.  From bakery treats to gourmet fondues to dips and sauces.  If you like to entertain or just snack while watching TV, you will find many items to satisfy those hunger cravings.

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We are always doing taste events, festivals, product roll outs, and trade shows.

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Salad Dressings

We have a line of salad dressings and marinades that make any dinner a wonderful experience.
Jose's Taco Sauce is Back!
This is a KC cult classic. Gone for 30 years when the restaurants closed in the eighties. Fans brought it back.  Want to see how good this sauce is? 
Go to the Jose's Taco Sauce Fan Tribute Page on Facebook.
Gluten Free and Naturally Sweetened Barbecue Sauces and Ketchup
Love BBQ but have certain dietary requirements.  We got you covered.  Our new line of gluten free and Agave sweetened sauces are a must.  BBQ sauces from sweet to spicy cover the wide spectrum of BBQ palettes. Our ketchup also is gluten free.

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